Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pink Ribbon Love

There is a shop in Danville IL
that has a pink quilt competition every year.
Threads of Time is a fantastic shop and the
owner Missy is the warmest person
you would ever hope to meet. Kind and generous,
she supports the Mills Breast Cancer Institute
with a donation from every yard of fabric
she sells in the month of October.
Check our her website: Threads of Time
Below are my pictures from this years competition.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pauline in Africa - 2011

These amazing photos were taken by Abigail Mbuvi on her trip to Kenya in 2011.

 After a week at the school in Kambi, we went on a three day safari.
Those are Lions. And yes that is how close we were to them
 Another one of my favorites from the trip Kiteta Primary
 Day trip to another primary school supported by TMKC. Just so happens that this school is in the same village as my mom's parents farm.
 First day at the hotel in Mombasa, this is what we see... it was about 5 in the evening


Kiteta Primary

Kiteta Primary

Kiteta Primary

Kiteta Primary

Kiteta Primary

Little Boy

My dad grew up going to this dry river for fresh water, so my uncle took me down to check it out and we found these boys just playing around in the water hole they dug

My FAVORITE little boy at the school in Kambi

My grandmothe​r (dad's mom)

My grandmothe​r (mom's mom) and my cousin

My toms have been through a lot. Picture taken on the top deck of the boat

Neighbor to the school. Kambi

Pre-Primar​y kids walking to school. Kambi

Reading Pen Pal letters. Kambi

Signs of the Great Migration. Zebra come first, couple weeks later, the wildebeest follow. All the grass you see will be gone by the end of August

Since the beach is a major tourist attraction​, this man brought his camel to provide camel rides to the tourists. It's also his main source of income

SIUC's VChan leads trip to Kenya bi-yr with non-prof org called Teach My Kenyan Children (TMKC) I met with the group that went this summer and this is the school we taught in. Kambi Primary

Smartest kid I have ever met

Such a silly little boy, with a great smile

Sunrise over the Indian Ocean in Mombasa... can't decide which picture I like better

Sunrise over the Indian Ocean in Mombasa

Ten month old cousin, making the range of cousins on Mom's side of the family from 30 years to 10 months

This cheetah was stalking its prey, thompson gazelle were just couple 100 feet away. Unfortunat​ely we didn't stay to see the chase and the kill

This is my favorite picture from the trip

This little boy, only three years old, walks about a quarter of a mile, everyday, to buy milk from my Grandmothe​r's farm

This sixth grade class sang us the Kenyan National Anthem. Kambi

TMKC donated new uniforms to students in need. Kambi

Walking to the boat while the tide was WAY out

While everyone else was taking pictures of the sunset, I was focusing on the moon rise